October 2, 2009

Untitled Chant Royal by HenryLloydMoon

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Mars is Disarmed by Venus and The Graces-Jacques Louis David

‘Tis time to scour the cracks and pare the cheese
And dust with care the wrapper and the rind
For I am on a promise, if you please
Of boy and girl engaged in bump and grind
The itch has turned to scratch has turned to grate
The foreplay (to a fella means fellate)
Arouses in me deep felicity
Her tongue – the goddess Electricity –
Has more twang than a thousand air guitars
And as to her rumoured toxicity
Who cares! She is my Venus, I her Mars

No sooner have we burned one, than it’s seize
The sapling! Leather it in fascist bind
And thus fashion our fagots into trees
Once more unto the sawmill; crank and wind,
Be sure to time delivery as “late”
The lumber boss is keen this time to wait!
Once more her dazzling motricity
Eclipses my humble mendicity
A pauper to the kaisers and the czars
A cap-in-hand, a curiosity
Vernacular attempt to conquer Mars

Some see such strident needs as a disease
A vile indulgence that can make you blind
Though Women’s Institutes do sometimes tease
Unlike Doris, they never pay in kind
They frown upon the urge to procreate
And scowl at mistresses who masturbate
Their masters. Is such pandemicity
A plot constructed on duplicity?
The men retire for brandy and cigars
Served by Sabrina with simplicity
With one match for Uranus, one for Mars

A fag; (both lit and fig) I’m on my knees
Instructed to impale her from behind
This feat demands a certain expertise
When one is with a writhing eel entwined
The point of carnal jousts is to relate
To knead and prove a malleable soul mate
To stretch the bounds of eccentricity
And corporeal elasticity
The minibar proposes sundry bars
She unwraps slow, winking complicity
Eschewing Twix, insisting it be Mars

Ring-A-Ding-Ding’s an album on Reprise
Once More Unto The Breach a much-maligned
War-cry; my strength is fading by degrees
A jaded Henry and a Frank combined
Failed bounty-hunter, resigned to my fate
To search for distant isles to dessicate
To Doris, column specificity
Is integral to domesticity
I’ll leave her, in her quest for superstars
To promulgate her own publicity:
“Earthy female seeks rocket trip to Mars”


When once again the stalk is strong and straight
And, panting like a flabby middleweight
I part the vulva veil mendacity
Insert the weeping wand veracity
Thus healing at a stroke the subtle scars
Inflicted by her grim tenacity
That maims and and mangles, mutilates and mars


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  1. Duplicity is a nice movie,i like the story and also the actors -`,

    Comment by Computer Fan — November 25, 2010 @ 6:17 AM | Reply

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